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Welcome to spectrum_overload’s documentation!

Spectrum_overload is to manipulate astronomical spectra in a spectrum class with overloaded operators. This means that you can easily divide and subtract spectra from each other using the math operators +, -, *, /, ** keeping the wavelength, flux and headers together.

Other Projects

There are many other packages that deal with spectra, none that I know of overload the operators.

In alphabetical order:

I am sure there are others.


Any contributions and/or suggestions to improve this module are very welcome.

Submit issues, suggestions or pull requests to jason-neal/spectrum_overload.

This is my first attempt at creating classes, and packaging a python project so any helpful feedback is appreciated.



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To build the documentation locally go to the root spectrum_overload directory then run:

pip install -e .[docs]   # editable installation, install docs dependencies.
cd docs
make html

The documentation pages will be docs/.build/index.html.

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